Strategy may not have the major impact in video poker that it has in full-on table poker, but any game that involves skill will benefit from some level of strategy. Video poker strategies are more like simple discard tips; they generally fall into two categories: gameplay discard tips and pay table discard tips.

In a game of Jacks or Better, for instance, it may go without saying that there is no need to hand on to any single numbered card (i.e., 10 or below), unless you see a very good possibility for a strait or flush.

In a game such as “Deuces Wild”, a pair isn’t ever a winning hand (except as 2/5ths of a full house), so a lone face card will be even less helpful.

Also, Deuces Wild and Joker Poker and all ‘wild card’ video poker games will increase your

It’s almost always riskier to go for a possible four Aces over a possible full house…but when you’re playing Double Bonus Poker, for instance, the increased jackpot helps to make up for the higher odds.

And game that uses ‘wild cards’ (Joker Poker, Deuces Wild, etc.,) will usually pay less for the same hands compared to other non-wild video poker machines, to balance the fact that there are better odds to win and more paying combination of cards (5 of a kind, for instance).