Tennis, from a sportsbook and punter standpoint, provides many unique sports betting opportunities that you simply can’t find in other sports. This “uniqueness” can be exploited to take advantage of the inherently excellent odds and diverse betting options that this sport facilitates. By placing your bets at any of our recommended sportsbooks featured above – all of which offer up a huge variety of betting options – you’re in a premium position to take full advantage of the wagering opportunities that this sport affords.

And most of our carefully-chosen sportsbooks offer punters the chance to play free bets!

With the dozens of high-profile tennis tournaments held annually, tennis fans and punters are guaranteed a steady stream of excellent betting ops at the above sportsbooks all throughout the year. Some of the highlights you’ll find include:

* The ATP Tour – A professional men’s tennis tour, which is comprised of over fifty different tournaments across four categories.
* The WTA Tour – A professional women’s tennis tour which travels to locations around the globe, and is structured around four tournament levels.
* The Grand Slams – The four biggest tennis tournaments of the year, including the U.S. Open, Wimbledon, the French Open, and the Australian Open. The Grand Slams (or Majors) are the only tennis tournaments co-sanctioned by the ATP and the WTA.

Below are the most popular tennis betting options at punters’ disposal:

Match Betting:
This is the most basic tennis bet. Punters make a player selection in any given match based on posted odds or player form.

Set Betting:
Punters can wager on individual sets in a number of ways. The first option is to wager on the specific player / winner of a specific set. The second set betting option is a wager centering around the final tennis scores in a match accoring to the number of sets that are won by each player. The odds for this type of set betting option is usually higher than match betting above.

Betting On A Tournament Winner
Exactly what it sounds like. These betting opportunities are typically available months in advance of a tournament event. The ante-post odds offered are usually very high, and punters can place wagers on multiple players, thereby increasing their chances of generating payouts from this selection of bets.