When are you ready for a sports betting system? Well, if you’ve gone past betting on your favorite teams (popular, but not exactly the smart approach), you probably use statistics as well as knowledge of the details of the game to make informed predictions.

That’s the method of professional tipsters who have been around the betting game for a few decades. Some people can hold an amazing amount of information in their heads and begin to ‘see’ trends and likelihoods, and such people will regularly do better…and often profit from their insights.

Frank Belanger’s “Bookie Buster” system downplays such insights (in fact, he refers to such things as “the unethical scam of the guru”. Frank’s been in the sports betting system business for quite a while, and readily admits that he made plenty of mistakes along the way.

On his website, he relates how his 2005 NCAA system allowed hundreds of people to make thousands of dollars, which cost the online sportsbooks millions of dollars each week (I’m not great at calculations…that adds up, right?).

He goes on to claim that sportsbooks “changed their rules” because of this, which is very likely true; sportsbooks regularly update the odds structure any time there is a significant pattern of loss.

In addition, players, teams, and environmental factors change drastically from season to season (or even sooner!). Any system that doesn’t take such things into account is extremely limited; whether you have good luck or bad luck with a system depends mainly on your timing, and often on the popularity of the sport itself (so you’ll tend to have better results using a system to bet on Pilota than you would on the NFL!). Frank’s NCAA system may have worked as well as he claims in 2005, but even he’s no longer recommending it.

Generally, most of the sports betting systems that we’ve seen have been either complete scams or a repackaging of betting systems based on relatively common knowledge. With a little bit of research, any motivated and critical bettor could throw together a ‘sports betting system’ that pays somewhat better on average than betting ‘reactively’.

Frank claims to have done all of that work for you. He also promises “You Are 150% Guarantee To Win!” How can we argue with that? He even offers a “60 days, iron clad no quibble guarantee” to try out all of his products. Fair enough. It doesn’t sound like you have anything to lose, does it?

Well, no system is infallible; all of the more reputable sports betting systems make sure that you’re told ‘this is only for entertainment’ or ‘no guarantees’ or the unequivocally dire ‘at your own risk’ (if nowhere else, then at least somewhere in the fine print). Can you profit from using a sports betting system? Absolutely. There are many, many people who say they have done so. Can you rely on one to give you a dependable income? Not really…not in the long term, and often not in the short term either.