Through the incredible expansion of the Internet, there’s been one activity that’s always managed to turn a profit online – gambling, including sports betting. After checking out the latest wrinkle in mobile betting, gambling via your PC might actually seem old hat.

Introducing the cell phone (and we’re including wireless PDAs in the mix).

Quite easily, you can get up-to-date news and stats via your mobile phone, helping you make the most intelligent and informed gambling decisions. Now, all on your phone, you have the ability to place bets and see betting results, anywhere that you get a cell signal! And with mobile betting, you can bet 24 /7. On this page above, we’ve listed a handful of recommended sportsbooks – many of which promote mobile betting.

Today’s mobile phones are more and more suited for the task. The latest cell phones are mini-PCs, complete with heavy-duty processing power, high-res color screens and full operating systems, which can be powered by Windows Mobile, RIM, Apple’s proprietary OS, and Java and browser-based phones.

Incidentally, mobile betting is also known as wireless sportsbetting.

Wirelessly, you can bet on horse and greyhound races, team matches and all other major sporting events. At its inception, wagers used to be made using simple text-based programs or instant messaging. Now, as mentioned, you can check out a team’s odds, or a player’s stats, quickly, easily, and wirelessly.

There only one thing to keep in mind when it comes to using your mobile phone for gambling – your phone has to be WAP-enabled, which for current phones (less than two years old), it’s a given. To place your bets, you would hop onto the internet via your mobile phone, and then head to the WAP cell phone services section from your main menu. Here, you’d type in the gambling service that you use, logging in with your username and password. It’s really that easy.