On this page, we’ll guide you through the simple process of signing up and in at an online sportsbook, and placing sports wagers.

Our recommended online sportsbooks found above is on our exclusive list due to several reasons, including the quality of their sports content, the variety of wagers and betting options made available to their members, their reputation and integrity levels, and one of our more important concerns, the impenetrable safety measures they’ve put into place ensuring that your financial details are always kept private, and your sportsbetting experience is secure.

All of the online sportsbooks that we feature are fantastic – but for the purposes of this walkthrough, let’s use

How To Set Up A Sportsbook Account and Place Sportsbook Wagers homepage

Step 1 button

First, visit the online sportsbook and click on the Join button.

Note that there may be more than one Join button found on the online sportsbook’s homepage – any one of them will do.

Step 2 button

You’ll be taken to a sign-up form, where you’ll be able to choose your own username and password

Sign Up Step a
Sign Up Step b

Step 3 button

When you’ve finished filling out the form, simply click on the Sign Up button.

Step 4 button

You’ll now receive account creation confirmation…

…and you’re now ready to place a sports wager.

Successful account creation screen - master
Successful account creation screen 1b

Step 5 button

First, you’ll choose a deposit method to add funds to your account. Remember, all of the online sportsbooks that we recommend are 100% trusted and safe. You can deposit funds to your new account with the utmost confidence.

Solely for the purposes of this example, we’ll chose Mastercard. Click on its Deposit button…

Step 6 button

….and you’ll be taken to a credit card form, which you’ll fill out.

Deposit Credit Card Form

Deposit Credit Card Form3 filled out

Step 7 button

Once you’ve filled in your details, simply click on the Proceed With Deposit button.

Now let’s place that bet.

Step 8 button

First, choose the sport that you’d like to wager on. In this example, we’ll pick NFL lines

Place Wager 1a master

Place Wager 2ab

Step 9 button

You’ll be presented with the many lines available to wager upon.

Notice that Straight Bet is the defaulted type of wager in our example.

Step 10 button

Let’s suppose you’d rather make a Round Robin bet with three games.

In our example, we’ll use the dropdown to choose Round Robin.

Place Wager 2ba

Place Wager 2ca

Step 11 button

Now, select your betting options, such as the specific games, amount of bet, and type of wagers (i.e. money, line, over / under, etc).

Step 12 button

We’ve received game selection confirmation, but remember that since this is a Round Robin, you’ll need to choose a combination option of either a 3-way / one-bet, or a 2-way / 3-bet, and specify the amount per bet.

Let’s make our choice. For this example, let’s choose a 2-way / 3-bet choice at $15 per bet.

Place Wager 2ea
Place Wager 2fa

Step 13 button

Notice how the summary section has updated its information to reflect the bet that you’re placing.

When you’re satisfied with your bet, click on the Submit To Ticket button.

Final Step button

Our bet is recapped, and we can click on the Submit button to finalize the wager.

…and that’s all there is to it!

Place Wager 2gb