Sports betting doesn’t have to be confusing. We’ve rounded up some of the most comprehensive, reputable sportsbooks out there that simplifies the process, all while offering punters the most betting options and best betting lines and odds.

Though most individual sports have betting options specific to that particular spot, there are many common bets among them. Below is a guide of what you can expect:

Example 1: Football (American Soccer)

Punters have three basic betting options:

* Option 1: The host or home team of the match will win the game (this type of bet is usually marked with the sign “1” in the UK, a “-” in the US).
* Option 2: The game will be a draw, so none of the teams will win (this bet is marked with an “x”).
* Option 3: The visiting team will win (this bet is referred to as “2” in the UK, and a “+” in the US).

While the above option(s) are the most basic types of bets, sportsbooks – such as the ones we feature above – allow punters to place wagers on many other naturally-occurring “events”, such as which team will score the first goal, or how many goals in total will be scored during the game.

Betting Lines / Odds

Betting odds and betting lines are one and the same. US sports uses the term “betting lines”, whereas the UK refers to them as odds. In the US, a “-” in front of a number represents the favorite, or home team, whereas a “+” represents the underdog.

Betting odds are set by the sportsbooks, for each individual game, well in advance. The easiest way to think of a money line is that it details how much you would win for every currency unit that you bet.

* “+ 200” means that if you bet $100 on the underdog, your total win would be $300.
* “- 200” means that you have to bet $200 on the favorite in order to win $100.

Straight Bet / Wager

This is the most basic type of wager, where punters bet on the outcome of a single game only.

Parlay Bet
When you place a parlay bet, you’re betting on the outcome of 2 or more games, and in order to win the parlay, you would need to have predicted the outcome of every game in the parlay in order to win the bet. Your winnings are calculated by multiplying the odds of each game together, then multiplying that by the original bet itself.