In and of itself, golf may not necessarily hold the same physical intensity and allure that other American sports, like say football, has. However, betting on golf manages to add a enlivening layer of excitement to the proceedings. When it comes to golf betting, make sure to place your bets only at reputable sportsbooks, such as the handful that we’ve recommended above.

There are two major options in golf betting. A punter can either place bets on a golfer to win a golf tournament, or he or she can bet on a particular golfer in a match-up against another golfer.

In the first option – i.e. a wager on a golfer to win a golf tournament – the PGA golf odds can be anywhere from 2-1 up to 100-1 or more depending upon who the golfer is. For example, Tiger Woods might be 2-1 while some unknown or new golfer might be 100-1. If you side with Woods and you risk $100 on him, and he ends up winning at 2-1, then you would win $200 in addition to your original $100 wager.

The other golf betting option is known as the online golf betting matchup. It’s a matchup that’s set up by the sportsbook. For example, you might have Tiger Woods against Phil Mickelson in a PGA golf matchup. Woods could be -280 and Mickelson might be at +240. This type of bet is a straight golf betting money line bet similar to those that you would find in other sports.

One thing to keep in mind is that golf seems to have more upsets in terms of golf tournament winners. Even the outcome of a Tiger Woods win isn’t cemented – there really isn’t an easy way to pick a golf bet winner against the PGA betting odds. That makes matchups even more attractive. Head to head matchups created by sportsbooks, and they usually involve a very competitive golf betting line matchup.