Football aka soccer is the world’s most popular sports – and subsequently, it’s the sport that gets sportsbooks the biggest share of their business. And for good reason – it’s strikes a perfect balance between civilized play (think Cricket) and more body-contact sports, like American football or hockey. It requires disciplined, concerted teamwork and a strong degree of sportsmanship.

It’s a shoe-in – and the great news is that betting on football is amazingly easy. Virtually all booking agents offer odds on football, from the smallest club’s very first match all the way up the World Cup. Though all bookies offer odds, we can encourage bettors strongly enough to place bets with trusted sportsbooks, such as any of the sportsbooks that we’ve noted above. In soccer betting, you can place a bet on either team, but also, you can also bet on whether the outcome will be a tie game.

Here’s a snapshot of typical odds on a soccer match:

Rotherham United – 182
Draw + 230
Forest Green + 450

In the above example, if a bettor bets on Rotherham United, he / she risks $18.20 in order to win $10, while those bettors supports Forest Green can win $45 for every $10 wagered if their team wins. According to the odds, bettors also have the option of betting that the game will be played to a draw, and those bettors risk $10 for the chance to win $23. And if you wager on a tie, your team must win the match, otherwise, you lose your bet.

Here’s another example:

Bristol Rovers + 140
Draw + 220
Leyton Orient + 150

Due to the possibility of a tie match, both teams above are underdogs (which would never happen in most other sports).

There are other types of bets that can be placed on soccer:

There can be a total (over / under) posted, meaning a punter can bet over a certain # of goals or under a certain # of goals. A standard number for these types of bets is 2.5, which means that a bettor wagering on the over would minimally need three goals to be scored in order to win the bet, whereas a bettor wagering on the under can’t have more than two goals scored to win their wager.

Many soccer matches will also have side, proposition bets available (such as the time of the first goal, or the first team to score, or which team would be ahead by halftime).