As a sport, basketball is filled with exciting plays, and incredibly fast and intense give-and-take sessions.

Hands down, some of the more popular pro basketball betting are point spread betting, over-under betting and assorted parlay bets. Each of the sites above give bettors a comprehensive and easy-to-understand structure to place any of these types of bets easily and painlessly. These sites lead the pack in the sports betting industry, offering members a tremendous range of betting options plus some truly outstanding bonuses and promotions that you can’t find anywhere else.

In regards to basketball pro betting, here are some facts you should know:

The NBA consists of two conferences, each of which is divided into three divisions.


1. The Eastern Conference / The Atlantic Division: comprised of the The New York Knicks, The Boston Celtics, The New Jersey Nets, The Toronto Raptors, and the Philadelphia 76ers.

2. The Eastern Conference / The Central Division: comprised of the Detroit Pistons, The Milwaukee Bucks, The Cleveland Cavaliers, The Chicago Bulls and the Indiana Pacers.

3. The Eastern Conference / The Southeast Division: comprised of the Orlando Magic, The Charlotte Bobcats, The Atlanta Hawks, The Miami Heat, and The Washington Wizards.


1. The Western Conference / Northwest Division: comprised of the Denver Nuggets, the Minnesota Timerwolves, the Portland Trail Blazers, the Utah Jazz, and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

2. The Western Conference / Pacific Division: comprised of The Los Angeles Lakers, The Sacramento Kings, The Los Angeles Clippers, The Phoenix Suns, and the Golden State Warriors.

3. The Western Conference / Southwest Division: comprised of The Houston Rockets, The Dallas Mavericks, The San Antonio Spurs, The Memphis Grizzlies, and the New Orleans Hornets.

A pro basketball betting season consists of 82 regular season games, and a heavy schedule of playoff games.

When betting on pro basketball – just like in all sports – it’s crucial that you know your statistics. Even just one trade can have a dramatic impact on a team’s rating. It’s really easy to find relevant statistics online, and things you should look for are current trends, recent trades, power ratings, and any injuries or other changes that could impact performance.