Sportsbetting on baseball is different than betting on other sports, like football. As the outcome of many games can be decided by a run or two, it’s simply not practical to enforce spread betting like they do in football. Instead, baseball sportsbetting focuses on money line.

The money line determines the actual amount of money laid down and the amount of money won when betting on either the favorite or the underdog. The highest negative number or money line determines the favorite team, and the lowest negative money line and all of the positive money lines determine the underdog. One of the most common case is the favorite with a negative line and the underdog with a positive one. The basis for a money line listing is a $100 bet.

Example Of A Money Line Bet:
Let’s suppose the Yankees are playing the Red Sox and the Yankees are the favorite. The money line can be listed as:

Yankees -140 Red Sox +120

In this example, if a punter wanted to bet on the favorites, the Yankees, he or she would be putting up $140. If the punter wins, he or she would collect $240, giving the punter a $100 profit. In other words, the punter risks $140 in order to make $100.

If you wanted to side with the underdog, the Red Sox, you would bet $100 and collect $220 if you happen to win. This means that your risk is $100 in order to make $120.

Pitching Matters / Pitching-Related Bets:

The money line in baseball is made based on the games’ starting pitchers. If there’s a pitching or player scheduling change before a game, the money line can be adjusted. You can bet a baseball game in several ways depending on the pitching: for example, you can bet the game as “action” meaning that the wager is live even if the pitchers are changed before the game. If there IS an unscheduled change, the payout can vary, but the bet is still active.

You can also bet on a baseball game based on both of the starting pitchers listed when you make your bet. If one of the pitchers DOESN’T start the game your bet is voided and your original bet will be returned.

You can also bet on a game based on a pitcher for one team. Your bet is active as long as your pitcher starts for your team, regardless of who started for the opposing team.

The Run Line:

The run line is used when one baseball team is a substantial favorite. A number of runs (such as 1 ½ or 2) is subtracted from the score of the favorite team, similar to the point spread in football. In the example illustrated above, the Yankees are -140 if you bet them on the money line, but they’re +110 if you bet them -1 ½ runs. If the Yankees happen to win by only one run, you’d lose the bet. If the Yankees win by 2 or more runs, you win $110 of the $100 wagered.