Betting on sports have been around as long as the game has. I not only suspect that ancient-Rome was clamoring to place bets on their favorite Roman gladiators, I’m convinced that those bets were parlays.

I happen to love sports and betting, so putting those together is like a Reese’s peanut butter cup: it’s quite simply a perfect marriage. I celebrate my love by putting a few of my favorite things together, all in one section. At this spot, you’ll find reviews of the best online sportsbooks that you’ll be able to find across the web. If you enjoy sports betting like I do, you’ll find this reference invaluable.

And I don’t pull punches. All reviews are scathingly honest – so if you’re an online sportsbook, my recommendation is that you should be up to snuff and know your stuff before I get to ya. Don’t worry, I’ll give you a little time to get those ducks all lined up, though. Hopefully, this Tuesday works for you…

As far as who made our exclusive list of our favorite current contenders – check out how we rate such online sportsbooks as, Bodog, BetUS and William Hill. After putting these players through their paces on such matters as their betting and lines variety, the level of valuable information that they offer players that’s not fluff and filler, and the bonuses and extra benefits that they dole out, we had them sweating for a moment. See what we had to say.

So, if sports and betting is your thing, and you also think that sports betting is the bees knees, check back here and check back often to find out where the best online sportsbooks are. Don’t be surprised if our list of top online sportsbooks changes regularly though – I’m not sure how Tuesday is going to pan out yet.

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Online Sports Betting News

US One Step Closer to Mobile Online Gambling

The Nevada Gaming Commission, the state regulatory body that governs gambling in Las Vegas (and the rest of the state, of course) has given a thumbs-up to the BlackBerry application known as “Leroy’s App”.

This little piece of software genius enables users to place sports wagers from any mobile devices that use the RIM BlackBerry operating system, obviously. Android users, never fear — the Gaming Commission is expected to approve the app for Android’s OS any time now.

This may not seem like big news to readers from Europe and Asia, who have had mobile sports betting options for several years now. However, it’s a first for the US, which is notoriously prohibitive towards anything gambling-related.

Published 6 years, 9 months ago

Countdown: 2010 FIFA World Cup

Kickoff is rapidly approaching…are you ready?

  • Set clocks to South Africa timezone…check.
  • Stock up on drinks or find a friendly local watering hole…check.
  • Choose an online sportsbook…what, you haven’t yet?

Well, there’s no time to waste. Lucky for you the best online sportsbooks in the world have 2010 World Cup specials AND complete obsessive coverage of every last detail. Live betting, live video, thorough statistics and the all-important scheduling mapped out.

Click Here

888 Sport (as most of you probably already know) is the award-winning sports betting wing of the single best online gambling site in the world. Just wait ’till you see what they have in store for 2010 World Cup fans!

William Hill, on the other hand, is a giant both online and off. WillHill online has gone all out to provide World Cup specials, coverage, and wagers…and without a doubt THE place for those of you who back England.

Whoever you back, bet365 has got yours. With a reputation to match WIllHill and the online savvy of 888, bet365 makes this three-way competition anyone’s game. Our choice? Try each one to see which suits you best!

Published 7 years, 4 months ago