Rival Gaming

It’s no surprise that the thriving, billion-dollar online casino industry is highly-competitive as software developers and online casinos work furiously hard to keep players in their camps. The state of competition in this industry is such that its become very difficult for a newer company on the block to break into the online casino market, much less make a dent.

Which is a true testament to Rival Gaming’s efforts. A Curacao-based company born only in 2006, this Cyprus-based company continues to make waves by offering players a singularly unique gaming experience that’s (and I mean this in a good way), a bit non-conformist. Stressing unique marketing tactics, and an intensive research methodology to pinpoint exactly what players are looking for, and then savvily produces exactly that. Dynamic and unique, games powered by Rival Gaming uses the very latest technologies wrapped up in a very entertaining and innovative package.

Rival Gaming’s portfolio of over 60 casino games places a very large emphasis on quality rather than quantity. Keeping their collection streamlined has been largely effective, as it’s the graphically-brilliant superior games that make Rival stand out from its competitors. As a further testament to Rival’s originality, the company masterminded the creation of iSlots, interactive multi-reel, multi-line online slots that managed to turn the traditional slot experience on its ear. The betting, playing and winning aspects of slot play remains the same, but with iSlots, entertainment value is unmatched. Using animated video clips, all iSlots feature unfolding storylines whose narratives are actually governed by a player’s skill during interactive mini-game play.

With an eye towards fair play, Rival Gaming casinos use strict methods to ensure that the highest quality of fair gaming is met. The casinos have advanced security systems and anti-fraud controls built right into their software and they all adhere to a comprehensive privacy policy, so much so that they actually guarantee to always safeguard and protect a player’s private information. The company’s Random Number Generator is certified by CertainKey, and is notable for using a hard-based source of randomness for seeding purposes, rather than the more standard, soft-based sources that many others use.

Even though Rival Gaming made a late entrance into the online casino industry, their foothold in the market has been more than firm. Their namesake says it all – if they had a say in the matter, in the realm of innovative games and player protection, there is no other Rival out there. Turns out they do have a say, and the people are clearly listening.

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