Oil, that is. Black Gold. Whatever you like to call it, Texas Tea is also the name of an immensely popular slot by IGT that celebrates the state that loves big things — especially big jackpots!

There sure does seem to be lots of millionaires from Texas. We reckon there are one or two other good reasons fer it, but Big Oil has definitely paid for a lot of ten gallon hats over the years.

Throw in stories like the classic TV show “The Beverly Hillbillies”, and you start to see where the whole ‘strike it rich’ idea makes Texas Oil and Slot machines a marriage made in, well, Texas (it’s like Heaven, but BIGGER).

But all of that wouldn’t count fer nothin’ if’n IGT’s Texas Tea slots weren’t fun to play and consistently delivered the big bucks. Luckily, they are and they do, so it’s no surprise that fans pestered IGT night and day until they agreed to do an online version.

Wagerworks provided the high-tech savvy to bring this land-based classic to the Internets; you’ll be hard pressed to see ANY difference from the original, from the smallest detail of the background to the unmistakable “Oil Derrick” and “Oil Dividend Check” Second-screen Bonus Features.

We’ve created a one-stop page for Texas Oil Tycoon online slot games, and we’ll add more as we find them. Plus, if you’re thinking “but I’m from the US and Wagerworks doesn’t serve US players!”, then we’ve got you covered!

Texas Tea Online Slots Comparison Table
Slots Game Reels Paylines Bonus Screen Other Features US? Play Online?
Texan Tycoon 5 25 n/a Random Progressive Jackpot AND Free Spins Bonus Feature Play Now
Black Gold Rush 3 1 n/a “Stop Spin” Feature Play Now
Texas Tea™ 5 9 Oil Dividend Second-Screen Feature AND Oil Derrick Bonus Feature Gamble Feature Play Now
Dubya Money 3 1 Multi-machine Bonus Feature Selector Screen “Campaign Trail”, “Oil Well”, “Hold”, and “Nudge” Features Play Now

When slots fans really like a machine, it’s usually because it is set up to pay out very well. If you’ve only played Texas Tea on land-based machines, you’ll find yourself amazed at how much more you win online.

There’s a few good reasons for that; for one thing, online casinos don’t have to pay for all of the stuff that costs brick-and-mortar casinos so much. Land-based casinos have to set their slot machines “tighter” than online machines, just to make enough of a profit.