The slots geniuses at WMS (Williams) created one of gambling’s most in-demand dynasties when it created Jackpot Party way back in 1999 (whoa, last century!).

Players in THIS century have experienced the game, or one of its many variations and descendants, and most likely would love to play it online. 

There are some, shall we say “misleading” websites out there that will tell you that Jackpot Party is available, and helpfully point you toward one of their partners, where you’ll probably find something…but not Jackpot Party, because THERE IS NO ONLINE VERSION YET.

There is reason to hope; after all, WMS has been releasing a few of their more popular land-based slot in online format, and Jackpot Party must be at or near the top of the upcoming to-do list. BUT NOT YET.

So, if you want to play Jackpot Party, Jackpot Party Classic, Super Jackpot Party, Jackpot Party Progressive or even the fun 70s twist of Village People Party, you’ll have to play at a land-based casino (ewww!).

But it doesn’t help you much right now, does it? Well, never fear, because we’ve assembled a list of games that are similar in many ways to the Jackpot Party games you know and love.

Some of them share the ‘party’ theme, and some even have their own kind of poopers!

We tried to stick with slots that have the Jackpot Party gameplay ‘feel’, with Free Spin multiplier rounds and “pick-until-pop”-style second-screen Bonus Rounds. That description actually fits a LOT of the online slots out there, so you may want think of this list as your personal jumping-off point!

Jackpot Party Online Slots Comparison Table
Slots Game Reels Paylines Bonus Screen Free Spins Progressive Online
Jackpot Party™ 3 or 5 5 or 9 “Pick Until Pooper” no no no
Jackpot Party Classic™ 5 9, 15, 20 “Pick Until Pooper” no no no
Super Jackpot Party™ 5 9 , 15, 20 “Pick Until Pooper” yes no no
Jackpot Party Progressive™ 5 9, 15, 20 “Pick Until Pooper” yes yes no
Vegas Party 5 25 no yes no
Money Magic 5 9 no no yes
Baby Boomers Cash Cruise 5 15 4 Second-Screen Bonus Features! yes yes
Jackpot Piñatas 5 20 “Pick a Piñata” yes no
Mid-Life Crisis 5 9 2 Second-Screen Bonus Features no yes
Shopping Spree 5 9 2 Second-Screen Bonus Features no yes
  • If you’re more interested in the 70s-era disco inferno of Village People Party, you’ll love the lapels and disco balls on Funky Monkey over at Cherry Red Casino. Also, The Gee Gees slots at All Jackpots Casino! will show you how deep your love really is, and Party Casinos Saturday Night Fever slots will keep you stayin’ alive.
  • Vegas Party is a good choice, with the party motif and a similar 5-reel, 25-payline design with re-triggerable Free Spins. No second-screen bonus feature, so this may be more of an office party than an ‘off-the-hook’ house party.
  • Jackpot Piñatas: provides that second-screen bonus (and if you cover up the “iñatas” part, you can pretend the rest says “arty” if you like!). If Jackpot Party ever does a Mexican-themed version, you can be sure it will look like this!
  • If you take out the “party” theme but keep all of the other elements, you’ll have a number of great choices. We recommend Shopping Spree and Mid-Life Crisis, which are basically twin slots (one female, one male — you guess which is which). They both share the same basic configuration of reels, paylines, “pick-until-pop” bonus rounds, and other elements of Jackpot Party, as well as a very nice progressive jackpot…
  • …in fact, win at Shopping Spree and get a real-life NYC shopping spree; win at Mid-Life Crisis and get a real-life luxury sports car! Of course, you could instead take the $100,000 (in real-life money).