Certain games symbolize the classic casino experience like no other. Sure, you’d feel that something was missing at a casino without blackjack or craps, but nothing lets you know that you’re arrived at the casino floor like the awe-inspiring sight of the banks and banks of colorful, exciting little wonders that we call slot machines.

Likewise, when it came time to adapt the casino to the online experience, a lot of attention went into making the virtual slots as iconic, realistic, and stimulating as the machines that inspired them. The initial results were…not satisfactory. Honestly, the first decade of online slot machines saw quite a few games that barely measured up to even the humblest of one-armed bandits. However, increased computing power and software know-how, not to mention breakthroughs in overall online speed and stability, allowed virtual slot machines to catch up to players’ expectations quickly…and then surpass them.

When you are looking for a good slots experience online, the best online casinos will be able to more than satisfy your needs and your curiosity. Whereas even a minor slots session at an online casino often required a long-distance voyage, an expensive vacation, or at least a day trip, online slots can be accessed in seconds at any time you feel the urge. Also unlike the typical casino expedition, you can play for five seconds, five minutes, or five hours if you like. It’s all up to you — you never have to feel like you need to “make the most” of your time at the casino, because it truly is your time to begin and end whenever you wish.

The same goes for your money: spend a lot, spend a little, or spend none. Online slots can be played with a wide variety of limits, from pennies per spin to high-roller amounts — and, as we’ve said, nothing at all. Nearly any slot that you find online can be taken for a lengthy test drive before a single penny is virtually inserted.

So learn to play slots online — you’ll appreciate the differences, and you’ll love the convenience, but the games themselves are what will ultimately win you over and convince you that online slots are the next step in gaming evolution.