Slot machines have come a long way from the mechanical “fruit machines” of the early days. The first big step came with the electromechanical improvements of the 1960s, but it was the silicon revolution of the 70s and 80s that really kicked slot development (along with everything else) into high gear. And yet, compared to the boost that slots are now getting from going online, even those giant steps seem like only a minor prelude.

If you are only familiar with the good old slot machines found at traditional “brick-and-mortar” casinos, you may be in for a surprise. The newest generation of slots can do things that the one-armed bandits could only dream about. High-resolution graphics, realistically-modeled physics, and cinematic video are only the impressive window dressing over the actual features of these slots.

Take bonus screens, for example. Where once you could take one look at a slot machine and see almost everything that machine would ever have to offer, the new breed of slots can feature things like animated storylines, additional games, and surprise features that change the entire look of the screen.

Or, for the more fiscally-minded slots players out there, take progressives. Yes, there were progressive slots at the brick-and-mortar casinos, and some of them could occasionally rise to offer impressive jackpots. On the Internet, however, every single player of a certain machine could be contributing to the same progressive pool…meaning that the ‘regular’ progressive slots pay off in six figures on a daily or weekly basis, and the really big progressive slots get into seven figures quite quickly. I suppose you’ve heard about the record jackpot of over 6 Million?

Finally, few if any brick-and-mortar casinos will offer free play on slots…but all of the best online casinos do it without a second’s thought! Yes, at this point they are secure enough with their product to show it off and offer it for free to attract customers. If you have any reservations about online slots or a particular online slot machine, simply take it for a spin and learn its quirks and character before you put any money into it.

Yes, you can find plenty of lovingly-detailed realistic classic slots online. You can find all of the most modern barely-even-slots-anymore slot machines online. Wherever your slots urges take you on that spectrum, you can be sure that there is a prefect slot machine waiting for you online. We’d love to know that we helped you find it.