In space, no one can hear you hit the jackpot. The classic sci-fi horror of Alien may not seem like a natural choice for a slot machine by IGT (International Game Technology), but countless players would disagree.

Alien slots won’t necessarily have you running for the casino exit, but it IS a surprisingly creepy slots game. There’s none of the lighthearted take on horror that you can find in slot machines such as The Addams Family or any number of seasonal Halloween games; Alien conveys some of that sinister, stark atmosphere that fans of the film have loved for decades.

Unfortunately, IGT must feel that Alien slots are a bit too scary for the online crowd, as there is NO Alien online slots, nor have we heard even the slightest whisper of a rumor that an Alien online slots port is in the works.

Luckily, sci-fi is one of the more common themes for online slots, as are games that ‘resemble’ popular land-based slots. We’ve named a few right off the top of our heads, and a bit of research turned up even better choices to give you some (or more?) of what you’re looking for from Alien online slots:

Alien Online Slots Comparison Table
Slots Game Reels Paylines Bonus Features US? Play Online?
Outta This World (RTG) 5 20
  • Black Hole 2nd Screen Bonus Feature
  • Scatter, Wild, and Free Spins Features
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Alien Invasion (Vegas Tech) 3 1
  • Classic slot machine look and feel
  • Features include wilds and multipliers
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I.R.I.S. 3000 (RTG) 5 (7) 1
  • 6+ figure Progressive jackpot
  • Unique “Laser Beam” Extra Reels Feature
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Green Meanies (Vegas Tech) 5 25
  • Free Spin Bonus Round
  • Re-Spin with ‘Hold” and ‘Nudge’ features
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Light Speed (RTG) 3 1
  • Progressive Jackpot
  • Light Speed Meter (multiplier)
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Alien Hunter (Playtech) 5 25
  • Free Spin Feature, Progressive Jackpot
  • 3 Separate Bonus Games, incl. 2nd screen
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Our heads are a jumble of references to Ripley and facehuggers and things bursting out of people’s chests, but we’ll spare you the sci-fi puns and simply say that all of the online casinos that you see on our pages are 100% trustworthy (unlike that slimy Burke!).