Online slots for the USA, Online fruit machines for the UK, Online pokies for Australia. Wherever you are in the world, whatever you call them, slot machines are everywhere! In casinos, in clubs, sometimes in gas stations and stores! Seems everyone loves to play slot machines, and now with online slot machines, the internet has come alive with color and excitement.

Play online slots the way you would play a video slot in a casino. The games are spectacular with video rounds for bonus money and massive progressive jackpots ( over $1milllion). All your land based favorites are online in a similar form too: Jackpot Party, Wolf run, Cleopatra, Wheel of Fortune, and Monopoly all have online equivalents. The software that runs the machine in the casino runs the machine online, simply click the button and play.

The massive jackpots you see in Vegas are reproduced online too. In Vegas all the machines in a casino are linked so that a small percentage of play contributes to the big jackpot, and they are big! Online progressive jackpots work the same way, only on an even bigger scale, every online casino that uses the same software (usually about 30 different casinos or more) contributes to a massive online jackpot, currently over $1million and there have been several multi-million dollar winners (the largest was Giorgos M, a business owner in London who won $8,483,000 playing Mega Moolah in May 2009)

Here are our favorite online casinos to play slots online. They are (as with all the online casinos we recommend) totally trustworthy and fair, licensed and have excellent reputations for offering multiple deposit methods and paying out super quickly. They also have the best in the industry bonuses for slots players that we will continually keep you updated with:

Online slots bonuses are crazy, the online casinos bend over backwards to attract and keep slots players. Slots players are the VIP’s of the online gambling world. Just like in the real world, internet casinos love to see their floors stacked with slots players.

To attract new slots players to their online slots games, the online casinos will offer even larger welcome bonuses than they do to players of online table games.
200% welcome bonuses are sometimes offered, and the regular 100% bonus match offer usually has a much higher cap, sometimes up to $10000. With free bonus money, every dollar you deposit, earns you another for free, this gives you double the time at the slots, and double the chances of winning one of those progressive bonuses of $1 million or more. If you are a regular online slots player, you will also be offered further bonuses to deposit. Slots players can usually get some type of deposit match every time they deposit. This is true with the online casinos we list. To get the best value for your dollar we suggest opening an account with several casinos. If you play a little in each month, you will be offered these deposit bonuses regularly. Then you can simply play in the casino that offered you a bonus that month. This way you should be able to only ever play with a bonus – so effectively for every dollar you bet you only had to put in half of your own money – very nice.

We also recommend trying out besides credit cards, the casinos give you even more bonuses for using these as there is no credit card fee for them to pay.

Look at any casino in the world their floorspace is 90% slots. Same online, casino software manufacturers spend huge money developing new games every month for slots players, everything from the standard 1 line 3 reels machines, through 5 reels multiple pay line slots, to full action video slots machines, slots online really are great entertainment. There are hugely popular made for internet slots like Mega Moolah and copies of all your favorite land based slots like Cleopatra, Wheel of Fortune, Wolf Run, and Jackpot Party. The software manufacturers are bringing out new slots every month so if you are a hard-core slots player you will have a much more varied and exciting time playing slots online.

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Online Slots News

February 2011: Microgaming’s 2nd Round of New Releases

Anyone who thinks that Microgaming is going to let February go by without a new slot game is ignoring their history; even if the company could resist the theme of Valentine’s Day, they’ve been almost religious about giving players brand new toys on a monthly basis.

This round includes the undeniably romantic Queen of Hearts, the newest title from Mircogaming’s “Rhyming Reels” series. Full of ruby red hearts and sweets, the 5-reel, 30-line slot game offers plenty of free spins and stacked wilds.

Oh, speaking of rubies, Ruby of the Nile is the second new slot game — less obviously romantic, perhaps, but don’t tell that to Cleopatra. What the game lacks in Valentines, it more than makes up for with separate double AND triple wild symbols (so called because they grant 2x and 3x payouts) plus FOUR scatter symbols for increased scatter wins, PLUS a free spins bonus round!

Romance is nice, but sometimes a guy just wants to get in his rocket ship and go to a gentleman’s club in outer space (right?). That’s where Sneak a Peek — Planet Exotica comes in; lovely alien women beckon the player with free spins and multipliers, plus the Smooch Bonus Feature. Just try to explain the green lipstick on your collar.

If slots don’t excite you (or if you like a change now and then), Microgaming has rounded out it’s February Foursome with Multi-Wheel Roulette, a Gold Series game that allows players to bet on as many as eight simultaneous roulette wheels. Trust us, watching all eight spin at the same time is an unmissable experience — but having eight chances to win is even better!

As usual, we couldn’t be more sympathetic to our US friends for missing out (you can probably sample the gameplay in free mode, but it’s just not the same), but nearly everyone else can enjoy the February fun at Microgaming online casinos (our personal choice is All Slots Casino, because they’re the safest and highest-quality online casino that we’ve seen in a long time).

Published 6 years, 9 months ago

MGM + IGT = Cleopatra Slots for iPhone!?!

Wow. After denying US players an online version of one of the slots world’s most-beloved franchises, namely, Cleopatra Slots, IGT has teamed up with MGM to provide not just an online version but a MOBILE online version. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s designed from the ground up to work with the #1 most-hyped mobile phone of the last decade.

Of course we’re talking about the iPhone (but also the iPad, the iPod Touch, and anything else that might handle Apps). But there’s two little caveats to keep in mind. One, it’s a “non-wager” version, which means that there’s really not much return for the Free Spin + Multiplier payouts that keep people coming back to Cleopatra, Cleopatra II, et cetera.

And two, this is very specifically reserved for the MGM’s “M Life Players Club” members. We’re not saying that the membership isn’t a good thing, by any means. We’ve spent many happy hours (day?) at various MGM resorts. We’re just saying that you’ll have to sign up if you want to take Cleopatra home with you…

UPDATE: our resident iGuru has checked into the matter and maintains that Cleopatra has been available (without an M Life membership) on the iPhone for a year or so already. Has the iWool been pulled over our iEyes? Hopefully one of our many iReaders will help us settle the iMatter…

Published 6 years, 10 months ago

Microgaming Resolves to Provide More New Slots

No, not really. Although this is the season for New Years resolutions, Microgaming is merely continuing the laudable habit of releasing more new slot games, more often, than any other online game developer.

January’s crop includes four (yes, four!) new games, including Hot Ink, Retro Reels – Diamond Glitz, Private Eye, and Monkey King.

Hot Ink, as you may guess, is a tattoo-themed slots utilizing Microgaming’s Way Wins paytable (1024 ways to win, rather than the traditional paylines scheme) and the attractive Respin feature (basically a do-over for a disappointing spin).

Retro Reels Diamond Glitz may sound like a reel slots throwback, and its classic casino theme supports this theory, but with 5 reels and 25 paylines — not to mention the aforementioned Respin feature — this is definitely more than a “new-vintage” fruit machine.

Likewise, Private Eye will appeal to the lovers of classic detective films (shweetheart!), but the Way Wins system and video slot format make this as modern under the hood as any high-tech-themed slots.

Finally, Monkey King. With surprisingly deep references to characters of classic Asian mythology, this slot may be your mystical journey to celestial good fortune. 30 paylines, extra wilds, and a whopping 100x multiplier couldn’t hurt, either!

We’ve given them a quick once-over at All Slots Casino, but we’re afraid that you’ll just have to wait a bit longer for the in-depth review that all of these new games deserve.

Published 6 years, 10 months ago