Online and off, the game of Roulette comes in several shapes (and sizes!).

If you go to one of the more limited online casinos (and especially if you happen to be playing the Instant Play version of the casino), the generic “roulette” will probably be American Roulette, which is characterized by having two green zero pockets (a “0” and a “00”). Our personal favorite for the standard American roulette has to be Silver Oak Casino (US-friendly!), for the looks, gameplay, and overall quality of the online casino.

Mansion Euro Roulette

European or French Roulette has a single pocket (green “0”), and is quite commonly offered as an option at most quality online casinos. There is an exceptional European Roulette at Mansion Casino with the better odds that one less pocket provides!

Occasionally you’ll see both a French AND a European Roulette offered…the difference is in the bets offered (there are more in French Roulette, using somewhat esoteric terminology) and the layout of the table. Try French Roulette at Cabaret Club Casino (which also offers the extra interaction of European Roulette Gold).

Some of the 21st-century differences between online roulette variations include:

Live Dealer Roulette – you’ll actually see the (often quite attractive) dealer spinning the wheel and dropping the ball. Online casinos such as bring the visual excitement of roulette to a new level. Live dealer games are becoming more common than they were, but are still somewhat of a rarity on the web, especially for online casinos that serve the US market.

3-D Roulette — no, it’s not actually 3-dimensional (no special glasses required); it is, however, a much more impressive and lovely version of roulette in which you can see all of the details, usually with extra camera movement and close-up views. William Hill Casino has a great 3d Roulette game (but William Hill has a lot of really great games, so that’s no surprise!).

Black Diamond Elec Roulette

Electronic Roulette — at once high-tech and retro, this visual feast is a rare treat featured at Black Diamond Casino (US-friendly).