Playing online roulette may be a boon to plenty of potential players who might avoid it in a land-based casino due to unfamiliarity. Due to the essentially physical nature of the game, roulette seems like it might be a difficult game to get right in a virtual context. However, thanks to increasingly sophisticated high-resolution graphics and realistic physics models, there are a few online casinos that offer a thoroughly exciting roulette experience.

Online Vegas Casino’s American Roulette (you can tell by the 00!)

Our main recommendation isSilver Oak, for a few reasons: one, because Silver Oak Casino offers not only American but also European versions of the game (both with great graphics and stirring gameplay); two, because we’ve had such good reports about the customer support staff (we’d like to add our own, but nothing has ever gone wrong for us, so there’s been no reason to contact them!); and three, Silver Oak offers some of the best bonuses and promotions, and THE best VIP program, in the industry.

Online Vegas Casino’s European Roulette…c’est magnifique!

If you like the look of the roulette but want to shop around a little, Vegas technology also contributes their online casino game expertise to our friends at Go Casino. Either one of these would be a fine choice, as Go Casino features the same kinds of bonuses and VIP program that you can get from Online Vegas Casino. The sign-up bonuses are a little different, however, and the environments have distinctively different details that could suit your preferred online gambling experience.

Cherry Red’s European Roulette – equally suited for Monte Carlo or Moulin Rouge!

Another online casino that gives you roulette choices from both sides of the pond is Lucky Red Casino, who have always impressed us with both style and substance. And if you simply cannot abide scarlet hues, the excellent RTG (Real Time Gaming) software is also the basis for the roulette games at Lucky Red. Any of the three are equally suited to take care of you for bonuses and service, as well as high-quality online casino games.