Online casinos have been around for over 10 years. During that time the software has improved dramatically and the rogues have been mostly run out of the industry. The openness of the internet makes it difficult for bad guys to stay around for long, and re-enforces and promotes the professional operators. These days the majority of online casinos are run professionally. Many are public companies; most are licensed in their home countries, and audited to comply with the states regulations.

The games are fair, and the odds are the same as Vegas or better as there are no buildings or hostesses to pay for. The software companies after years of competition have developed software, which is an extremely accurate representation of the real thing. All the major games are represented; blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, slot machines plus many more like bingo and skill games. The sites are easy to navigate through and operate with a click of the mouse.

Throughout this site we discuss all the games and strategies, free money offers, casino reviews, game reviews, slot reviews, good and bad casinos and pretty much everything to do with playing at online casinos. This site is not some small site redirecting people to casinos. We have over 1000 pages of news and reviews growing daily. We do recommend casinos, but only after vigorous testing and playing there ourselves. We are linked to all the major forums and watchdog sites to keep track of all complaints and good stories about online casinos. The casinos we recommend are fair, fast paying, easy depositing casinos with great software, lots of games and are just great places to play at if you want to gamble online. Here are our top 4 online casinos:

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