Bingo All The Way

Get it? “Bingo Bells, Bingo Bells”…okay, that’s our witty way of launching the holiday season for all the online bingo fans. We know you lot like a good laugh more than most, which is why we’re starting our seasonal coverage with the latest news from Giggle Bingo.

November is especially bountiful at Giggle Bingo, where players can take part in the Gobble, Gobble Giveaway and Deck the Balls (see, we’re not the only ones to make those kinds of jokes!). You’ll also find the Pay a Compliment Giveaway and the Animal Rescue Giveaway — less seasonal, perhaps, but no less indicative of peace on Earth and goodwill and all that sort of thing.

Of course, December is where the Giggle Bingo holiday season really kicks into high gear; all month long, there’s the Advent Calendar Giveaway, and remember to start early on the Christmas Shopping Giveaway. We’re almost out of seasonal jokes, so we’ll just finish up by mentioning the Party Time Giveaway and the Hot Chocolate Giveaway (make mine Irish, please).

Seriously (ish), Giggle Bingo is an even better place during the holidays; the fun and fellowship of the community sets online bingo apart normally, and the season takes all of that to another level. We’ll see you there (sorry, I mean “C U @ GB OK L8R”).

Published 8 years, 4 months ago