Reviewing online bingo is both a labor of love and ultimately unsatisfactory.

A “labor of love”, because evaluating the various bingo rooms always puts us in the middle of the most friendly, fun, and fast-paced social experience in the online gambling universe. There is simply nothing like online bingo anywhere else — if you haven’t learned that yet, you are in for a unique treat.

And “ultimately unsatisfactory” because 1: we’re working, so we can never stay anywhere near as long as we’d like, and 2: we know that the very things we like about particular site or personal experience may be something that can’t be expressed in a neutral review. There’s just no good way to objectively rank a feeling of friendship and community spirit.

Still, we can let you know most of the things you need to know about bingo sites. We can tell you how they look, what kind of software they use (and what you can expect, performance-wise, from that software), and what extras they tend to offer. We can also tell you what bonuses and other incentives the online bingo site uses to make your money go the farthest, as well as what kinds of prizes you can hope to win by playing at that site.

And we can make sure that we recommend only online bingo sites that have a reputation for personal service and support. This is a little different for online bingo than in most areas of online gambling, in which you rarely if ever see any other human beings unless they are fellow players.

In online bingo, your first contact for technical support or any other issues will usually be the very person that you see the most often — namely, the CM (chat moderator). But we can also let you know what other customer service options are on tap, and hopefully give you some kind of report on how that bingo site has generally been viewed by past players.

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