There are many factors that go into choosing the right bingo sites. It can get confusing for new players swimming in a sea of literally hundreds of sites on the web, which is why we’ve made the task incredibly easy for you. We listed above the very best bingo sites in the industry – chosen as such since they’ve met our stringent criteria detailed below. In a nutshell, these online bingo sites offer the highest level of protection, security, reputation, and specific to the game, amazing bingo gameplay, exciting bonuses and promotions, strong customer support and uber-cool chat rooms and other community-based features.

These are the things that these sites excel at:

Not only did we comb bingo forums to check out pros and cons for bingo sites, we went all out by asking family members and friends who are already playing bingo online themselves. Then we took them for the ultimate test-drive, by signing up and playing at the sites ourselves just to see which ones are user-friendly. I can’t speak for everyone here, but I can tell you I’m hooked!

Each of the above recommends uses bingo software that gives their members the best gaming experience possible. The software that these online bingo sites use all come from well-known, reputable companies, which is a strong indicator of the website’s stability since they have the funds necessary to invest in the real deal. Some of the perks – most of the sites we’ve selected have an ‘auto-dab’ feature that will mark cards for you automatically, allowing you to play many bingo cards simultaneously.

Security is a hugely-important issue to us, and it should be 100% essential for you too. All of our chosen sites uses cutting-edge SSL technology, encrypting your credit card and financial details with top-level measures, making it virtually impossible for hackers to steal them.

Track Record
Not only have these sites been operating for a long time, they also house a healthy number of players – and the more people that choose to play at a particular site means that there’s a greater possibility that they’re satisfied with their services.

Chat Rooms
The social aspect of online bingo rooms is an integral part of their success. And the community-based features at these sites nail it right on the head. You’ll find the friendliest roomies to chat with as you play bingo games – and they’ll actually root for you when you win. Now that’s friendly…

Bonuses / Promotions
It’s not always about the highest level of bonuses (though our selection offers incredibly good ones), it’s also about the prices for the bingo card and low minimum deposits. Not only do these sites have ultra-cheap card prices (1 cent), many if not all of them currently offer free bingo games with real-money winnings. Speaking of free, these sites also offer free trials for new members from time to time, completely free of charge.