There’s a school of thought that in bingo, a player can determine which numbers are more likely to be drawn, similar to card counting techniques in blackjack. The theory is that numbers that haven’t been called (as recorded across a number of bingo rounds) are more likely to be drawn since because they’re “due”.

I visited several online bingo sites, such as the ones that we’ve recommended above, to test the theory out and see if bingo number tracking can give me an advantage when playing. Didn’t even have to purchase anything, since I was able to play bingo for free at these sites. Just signed up and away I went. As a little sidenote, I was pretty amazed at the sheer variety of bingo games that I could play for free, which made my “research” all the more fun and exciting.

So, post-research, does bingo number tracking work?

As ‘logical’ as this might seem on the surface, there are a couple of flaws with this strategy. : first of all, real-life probabilities cannot be gleaned from a relatively small number of game rounds. A real sample size in statistics represents an immense volume of data. Simply put, the results collected across a small number of games are inherently inconclusive. They have no more weight in statistical credibility than assigning random probabilities to bingo numbers.

Online bingo software developers know this – and that’s exactly why the software used for bingo games online takes advantage of a RNG (random number generator), which are fool-proof algorithms that produce random numbers in fair distribution.

So, in my experience, bingo number tracking does not work in the real world. You would have to play and record numbers for days on end in order to get a statistical sample large enough to identify a probability pattern – and most bingo games don’t last that long.

Come to think of it – I don’t want the unfair advantage when playing bingo. I like the fact that the game is inherently 100% random – it levels the playing field, as flaws don’t exist that can be exploited. I can win the game, or one of my ‘roomies’ can win it just as easily. I like feeling like I’m part of a friendly community playing bingo online, and have made many new friends at the online bingo halls above. Personally, that’s enough for me – and that’s why I stay in this game.