Playing bingo online can be a fascinating experience – player can find a variety of different bingo games (many more winning and themed patterns than what you’d find in a physical bingo hall), and the combination of internet-ready chat rooms and the game itself makes a perfect marriage replicating the bingo experience to a T.

We’ve chosen the best and most reputable online bingo sites above that give you that perfect bingo experience: great creative games for as little as 1 penny, free bingo games, great chat rooms, friendly roomies, wonderful chat hosts, and fantastic bonuses and promotions that’ll help you get started quickly.

With its social and community underpinnings, Bingo is a game that’s based on ethics. In fact, some programs actually used bingo toteach ethics. With bingo, it’s all about social interaction – and I’m not limiting that to actual bingo halls. A certain protocol is absolutely expected when playing bingo online as well. Bingo is community-based, but it ‘s also competitive and as such, you might not necessarily like all the players around you, especially those consistently wins if you’re consistently losing. Make sure to flip that though – what if the shoe were on the other foot.

That’s why it’s important not to be sore loser. Don’t complain or whine when you don’t win the game. Above all things, don’t ever grumble aloud about that number that you desperately need.

Likewise, don’t be a bad winner. Don’t gloat or cheer too much when you win.

Remember, you’re in a community chat room forum, and everyone will be able to see your posts. If you incessantly chatter on and on about your luck – good or bad – it’ll become distracting for the other players.

And don’t pull a bongo. Make sure to mark your numbers carefully, and review them just as carefully to avoid that dreaded bingo faux-pas when you “shout” out bingo…by mistake.