Baccarat — the mere word conjures up the classic high-roller lifestyle of extravagance and Old World glamour. You may think of James Bond, or you may think of the red velvet ropes that separate the Baccarat section from the rest of the casino. What you may not realize, however, is that the actual game is quite simple and basic!

spin palace baccarat

Having said that, we must qualify it; Baccarat comes in a few flavours, including much more complex versions with multiple rule variations. However, the basic game of punto banco played in casinos worldwide is the most common, and the one that you’ll find at online casinos. Along with blackjack (with which it shares a few other key elements), punto banco Baccarat can offer the skilled player some of the best odds of any casino games — small wonder that so many high-rollers gravitate towards the game!

We want to provide you with the tools that you’ll need to play and win at this truly enjoyable game. On the next few pages you’ll find a collection of rules, strategies, and recommendations about Baccarat. We’ve tried to give you everything that you need to know about the game of Baccarat, whether you are discovering it for the first time or simply looking for all of the essential information in one handy place.

If you’re an expert already, you can use our recommendations to find the best online casino at which to play Baccarat — recommendations that also apply if you’re an abject beginner, looking to apply our tips and strategy to some free games before putting your money on the line.

As always, our reviews of the best online casinos require us to verify which games are offered by each online casino; there are a few of them, even some of the higher-quality online casinos, that have yet to offer Baccarat. So be sure to check our reviews thoroughly before making any final decisions!