We’re not political journalists; when we say “landslide”, we don’t mean slightly more than half. A full 82% of Texas voters are in favor of a public referendum to vote on the issue of slot machines at Texas racetracks and tribal reservations.

While Texas isn’t among the states hardest hit by the economic decline, it’s certainly struggling — and also losing between 2 and 3 million dollars each year to neighboring states with legalized gambling. 64% of the Texans polled by Baselice and Associates are already fully in favor of a specific proposal to allow slots; the referendum would confirm the necessary amendment to the state constitution.

As a means to increase state revenue, slightly more than half of the people polled prefer slots over increasing state sales tax, increasing school property taxes, personal income taxes, or any other option (in fact, slots were a more popular choice than all of the other options put together).