Minneapolis-area gamblers earned our respect when they remained committed to their games even after being told that the building was on fire.

Mystic Lake casino was undergoing renovations on Thursday, when a spark from a welder’s torch got into some nearby insulation. In a short time, the roof of the casino was on fire and emergency crews began clearing out the patrons in the casino six floors below.

One problem: many didn’t want to leave.

On the roof, firefighters were battling the blaze. Even though the smoke was becoming obvious downstairs, a number of players made sure that they finished their games and cashed out their winnings before allowing officials to usher them to the safer casino area on the opposite side of the floor.

Nobody was injured, and the firefighters had the blaze under control in less than two hours. However, customers leaving around noon had another problem: the legendary Minnesota cold had frozen all of the excess water from the firefight, and the parking lot was now almost totally iced over.

But we’re betting that those plucky gamers won’t think twice about returning.