Online casinos have been around for over 10 years. During that time the software has improved dramatically and the rogues have been mostly run out of the industry. The openness of the internet makes it difficult for bad guys to stay around for long, and re-enforces and promotes the professional operators. These days the majority of online casinos are run professionally. Many are public companies; most are licensed in their home countries, and audited to comply with the states regulations.

The games are fair, and the odds are the same as Vegas or better as there are no buildings or hostesses to pay for. The software companies after years of competition have developed software, which is an extremely accurate representation of the real thing. All the major games are represented; blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, slot machines plus many more like bingo and skill games. The sites are easy to navigate through and operate with a click of the mouse.

Throughout this site we discuss all the games and strategies, free money offers, casino reviews, game reviews, slot reviews, good and bad casinos and pretty much everything to do with playing at online casinos. This site is not some small site redirecting people to casinos. We have over 1000 pages of news and reviews growing daily. We do recommend casinos, but only after vigorous testing and playing there ourselves. We are linked to all the major forums and watchdog sites to keep track of all complaints and good stories about online casinos. The casinos we recommend are fair, fast paying, easy depositing casinos with great software, lots of games and are just great places to play at if you want to gamble online. Here are our top 4 online casinos:

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Throughout the site is much more information on all aspects of online casinos and online casino games. Above are our top 4 recommendations for those that simply want to find a highly recommended casino to play at now !

Land based casinos are fun and a great way to spend a vacation, but they are difficult to get to, unless you live in Las Vegas, Monaco, or Macau. The Las Vegas strip has spectacular shows, amazing restaurants, dozens of fabulous pools to ease the hangover with a bloody Mary and a dip, and great hotels that have everything you need in a resort without ever having to leave. It is an amazing place, and a great place to vacation.

If you want to gamble more often, and not be distracted by the noise and lights, and razzle-dazzle of the Vegas casinos; or if you are sick of the high limits on the tables when you want to play on a Saturday night, and don’t need to see shows or eat great food; if you just want to play, and play when and how you feel like it then playing online is a great alternative

The real benefits of playing online are:

1. You can play in the comfort of your own home, no travel, no smoky casinos, and no noise and dark rooms without windows.

2. You can play anytime you like 24 hours a day.

3. You can stop and start as many times as you like, and play at your own speed

4. You can consult tips and advice from experts online to use whilst playing, like perfect strategy blackjack cards – try this at your local casino!

5. There are many online forums and communities to get advice, or make friends

6. Free money to play. Online gambling is a competitive business; the online casinos give away a lot of money to get you to try their casinos.

7. Low table limits, or high – your choice.

So check out our recommended casinos above. They are all excellent. We have included a link to the casino review deeper in our site, a star ranking, language support and our comments on each. Also we have included the current welcome bonus offer. These offers are real, they are not money you can walk out the door with, but they are genuine free money offers to play with. So you can check out the site and also to get a free advantage over the house. Doubling your bet roll will at least double your time at the casino and can give you an advantage over the house for once, or win you that big progressive jackpot on the slots (currently over $1million) see our casino bonus section for more detail on bonuses, how they work and the best places to get them.

Online Casino News

Las Vegas: A Big Step Towards “Caesar’s Online”

The Nevada Gaming Control Board took a close look at Caesars Entertainment when it became known that the company was involved with none other than 888 Holdings. On Wednesday, a three-member panel of the Board ruled that Caesars was well within the laws and regulations of the Nevada Foreign Gaming Act.

Admittedly, the issue still requires approval from the overall Nevada Gaming Commission (March 24th is the next meeting), but despite explicit denials that this is any sort of license, the ruling has quickly been interpreted by many as a good sign for an improved online gambling environment in the United States.

Mitch Garber, CEO of Caesars Interactive, believes that the ruling “confirms that Internet gaming is a reality. It should allow us to look more and more at a federally regulated environment in the United States.”

Caesars has agreements with 888 subsidiaries such as Fordart Ltd., and Cassava Enterprises Ltd. in order to further the WSOP and allow Caesars to take advantage of the UK’s thriving online gambling market. “It’s a business to business agreement that would allow Caesars to offer games in the UK,” stated NGCB panel member A.G. Burnett.


Published 6 years, 7 months ago

In Hard Times, US States Look Toward Gambling

The United States has always had something of a dual personality when it comes to gambling.

Much of the personality of the nation, from its proud individualism and frontier mythology, supports gambling — including elements as integral to the American portrait as Mississippi riverboats, Wild West saloons, community church bingo, and the world wonder that is Las Vegas itself.

Yet anti-gambling tendencies have also played a major role throughout the history, even the pre-history, of the US. Puritan forefathers and similarly inclined religious exiles established a fundamental repression of sin — of which gambling was an oft-cited example.

In times of peace and plenty, this recurring debate takes a slow and subtle presence on the national stage. However, in difficult economic times, US states are forced to confront the question. Gambling revenue is simply such an obvious option, and the arguments against it tend to lose significant weight when faced with the prospect of losing funding for essential services like fire, police, roads, and schools.

New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie is taking center stage with his plans restore Atlantic City (another American landmark) to its past glory, and balance Jersey’s finances in the process.

However, this same debate is occurring in all of the other states…well, nearly all. Nobody would expect gambling supporters in Utah, for example, to make much headway. However, even long-time hold-out Hawaii is seriously considering adopting expanded gambling regulations — a major evolution in the state’s policy and attitude.

Published 6 years, 7 months ago

February 2011: Microgaming’s 2nd Round of New Releases

Anyone who thinks that Microgaming is going to let February go by without a new slot game is ignoring their history; even if the company could resist the theme of Valentine’s Day, they’ve been almost religious about giving players brand new toys on a monthly basis.

This round includes the undeniably romantic Queen of Hearts, the newest title from Mircogaming’s “Rhyming Reels” series. Full of ruby red hearts and sweets, the 5-reel, 30-line slot game offers plenty of free spins and stacked wilds.

Oh, speaking of rubies, Ruby of the Nile is the second new slot game — less obviously romantic, perhaps, but don’t tell that to Cleopatra. What the game lacks in Valentines, it more than makes up for with separate double AND triple wild symbols (so called because they grant 2x and 3x payouts) plus FOUR scatter symbols for increased scatter wins, PLUS a free spins bonus round!

Romance is nice, but sometimes a guy just wants to get in his rocket ship and go to a gentleman’s club in outer space (right?). That’s where Sneak a Peek — Planet Exotica comes in; lovely alien women beckon the player with free spins and multipliers, plus the Smooch Bonus Feature. Just try to explain the green lipstick on your collar.

If slots don’t excite you (or if you like a change now and then), Microgaming has rounded out it’s February Foursome with Multi-Wheel Roulette, a Gold Series game that allows players to bet on as many as eight simultaneous roulette wheels. Trust us, watching all eight spin at the same time is an unmissable experience — but having eight chances to win is even better!

As usual, we couldn’t be more sympathetic to our US friends for missing out (you can probably sample the gameplay in free mode, but it’s just not the same), but nearly everyone else can enjoy the February fun at Microgaming online casinos (our personal choice is All Slots Casino, because they’re the safest and highest-quality online casino that we’ve seen in a long time).

Published 6 years, 8 months ago

Landslide Support for Texas Referendum on Slots

We’re not political journalists; when we say “landslide”, we don’t mean slightly more than half. A full 82% of Texas voters are in favor of a public referendum to vote on the issue of slot machines at Texas racetracks and tribal reservations.

While Texas isn’t among the states hardest hit by the economic decline, it’s certainly struggling — and also losing between 2 and 3 million dollars each year to neighboring states with legalized gambling. 64% of the Texans polled by Baselice and Associates are already fully in favor of a specific proposal to allow slots; the referendum would confirm the necessary amendment to the state constitution.

As a means to increase state revenue, slightly more than half of the people polled prefer slots over increasing state sales tax, increasing school property taxes, personal income taxes, or any other option (in fact, slots were a more popular choice than all of the other options put together).

Published 6 years, 8 months ago

Atlantic City: Landry’s to Buy Trump Marina

After years of trying to unload the struggling Trump Marina Hotel Casino, The Donald has finally found a buyer in Landry’s Inc.

If you’re familiar with the name, it’s likely due to their chain of semi-upscale eateries — from Bubba Gump and Claim Jumper to their eponymous seafood restaurants. However, Landry’s is no stranger to the casino business, with a number of Golden Nugget casinos throughout Southern Nevada.

Anyone who has been following the land-based gambling industry for the last few years knows well that Atlantic City has fallen on hard times, and Trump’s three Jersey Shore resorts (Taj Mahal, Plaza, and Marina) have each faced bankruptcy. The overall economic climate has played a direct and indirect role; already suffering a loss in revenue, neighboring states with similar problems have turned to legalized gambling — further reducing Atlantic City’s potential.

The $38 million sale may provide Landry’s with expanded opportunities via New Jersey’s plan to offer online gambling to state residents. Limiting the providers to existing land-based casinos may allow resort companies such as Landry’s to get a foothold in the one sector of gambling that has seen pronounced growth over the past few years.

Published 6 years, 8 months ago