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Visa (if you’ve been spending most of your life on a deserted island) is the world’s most popular and accepted credit card.

You may have a traditional Visa-branded credit card, or one of many affiliated brands using the Visa logo and network. US players may or may not have success using their Visa cards, due to merchant codes which the Visa system blocks over national borders, but plenty of online casinos have no difficulty (for now, it’s on a casino-by-casino basis).

Visa also offers a variety of debit cards (Visa Debit, Visa Electron, and Visa Delta), and prepaid cards that use the Visa network of participating merchants to access funds from a cardholder’s existing account instead of adding charges to a future bill.

Before your initial deposit, you will need to submit a quick authorization to make sure you are the Visa cardholder. Don’t worry, any information you send will be safe and destroyed or erased upon completion to protect your privacy…and yo only need to do it once!

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